ITTT’s 4-week classroom based TEFL/TESOL course is currently available in over 30 countries all over the world.

Our course locations fulfil the increasing demand for TEFL/TESOL qualifications and help ease the demand for English language teachers in countries and cities across the world. The course content is consistent throughout all our destinations, although fees for the course and accommodation can vary.

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Where to study your TEFL/TESOL Course

Many of our newly qualified teachers decide to stay in the city where they acquire their new teaching ability, some prefer to move away to another part of the country or a different country altogether. Which destination you choose to start your TEFL/TESOL career can depend on where you want to teach, the amount of time you have available before you need to begin working and what job opportunities are available at that time of year.

There is continually a demand for ITTT graduates in South America, Europe and Asia. In many of these areas you are practically guaranteed a teaching position. ITTT also now offers courses in India where there is a thriving service industry with great demands for fluent English speakers and English language teachers.

The majority of our students know where they want to teach after graduation so we advise that you study your ITTT course in your desired teaching location or close to it. There are some countries with high demand for English teachers where we currently do not offer courses; however, this is not a problem. Our courses are offered on all continents where there is a demand for English language teachers and travelling to positions teaching English is generally easy and inexpensive.