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The links below show some of the most popular locations where TEFL job opportunities exist. There are a huge amount of TEFL job vacancies globally and those listed are just a fraction that we have selected to give you an understanding of TEFL teacher rates of pay and conditions of work in those countries. These links are provided for information purposes only and some of the job vacancies may already have been filled. Similarly, we would also inform you that ITTT has no direct affiliation with any of the learning institutions, companies or bodies listed.

Please feel free to click on any of the links below which may be of interest to you.

On completion of your TEFL course you will obtain certification to teach English as a foreign language. This certification entitles you to unlock the door to any one of a number of TEFL jobs in any country worldwide. There are a huge number of online media offering TEFL employment opportunities which are continually updated. As part of our service throughout your course, we will provide comprehensive training in how to maximise your job seeking opportunities. Further assistance and guidance will be given post qualification and for the duration of your English teaching career in finding and obtaining TEFL/TESOL employment suited to your personal requirements. Our universally renowned reputation as an English teacher training institute is one of distinction and will give you the best possible start in teaching English as a foreign language in whichever location you may choose.

Many of our students who have graduated from our courses have, with our resources and support, obtained English teaching posts before they have fully completed their training program. The distinctive and exceptional training afforded to you throughout your course gives you the crucial edge when applying for TEFL or TESOL employment on a worldwide basis.

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About ITTT

ITTT graduates are in demand worldwide; therefore, it’s not hard to find a position that fulfils your requirements. English is rapidly becoming established as the main global language, which increases the demand for trained English teachers around the world. We are also now seeing a demand for EFL/ESOL teachers in a wide variety of locations; see our list of countries and positions.

You can find many jobs advertised through a variety of sources all over the world. We feel certain that the position you want is out there for you. Please bear in mind, the positions we have listed here on our ITTT site are only a guide as to what is presently vacant. Also remember that we can provide useful information regarding finding a teaching position including where to look for jobs, the right questions to ask, what questions you may be given during an interview, discussing pay and conditions and interview preparation. This support is available to you throughout your teaching career.

Our support staff will always be available to offer assistance in helping you find the right job for you. By signing up for one of our ITTT courses, you can soon be on your way to teaching English abroad in practically any destination you wish. We offer this information as a guide to helping you decide your future teaching location.

Please be advised, the teaching positions detailed on our website are just a sample of the jobs vacant at present. The positions detailed are offered as a guide to help our course students gain an insight as to prospective employers’ requirements and also what you should require from an employer.

English Teaching Positions

You will find, when submitting your application for a teaching position, that salary and conditions are not necessarily the same in each country. Your TEFL/TESOL course education and qualifications will affect these factors.

Your newly acquired knowledge and expertise, as well as your TEFL/TESOL certification, will open up job offers for you worldwide. English teaching positions are available all over the world, however, some areas of the world, for example Europe, Asia and Latin America have a greater need for TEFL/TESOL trained English teachers. You will find various teaching establishments require your teaching skills, including community schools and colleges, further and/or higher education institutes, local businesses and private language schools. The training and preparation you will experience while attending an ITTT course will see you becoming a desired teacher wherever you choose to teach.

After Teaching English Overseas

Figures illustrate that trained EFL/ESOL teachers tend to work abroad for one to three years. Following this, 80% return to their homeland to find a position.

Many prospective employers view positively those who have taught English overseas for more than a year. The experience and the skills you have learnt will be invaluable to you when you return home. While teaching English abroad you will have shown initiative and motivation, gained an understanding of working in a professional environment, experienced a different culture to your own and maybe learnt to converse in a new language. All these skills will certainly impress any prospective employer. The teaching profession is valued worldwide and many of our former graduates progress to study further in education by gaining the full teaching qualifications required for working in schools in their home country. They go on to teach English in state schools, community colleges or in language schools.

Around 20% of our TEFL/TESOL graduates progress to study and achieve additional qualifications for teaching English as a foreign language. Choices available include MA TEFL, MA TESOL and Dip TEFL. The Dip TEFL course involves further practical instruction, including observed teaching exercises, whereas the MA TEFL and MA TESOL focus more on theory. Should you wish to study one of these courses you will find further English teaching positions become available to you including Teacher Trainer, Materials Producer, Director of Studies, Language Centre Manager, Curriculum Designer and Assistant Director of Studies.

Universities worldwide offer great job opportunities for MA qualified teachers. Many businesses in rich oil producing countries also offer attractive salaries for teachers with an MA qualification. Whatever further qualifications you decide to study, you will find that teaching English abroad develops your professional and individual skills and can positively affect your employment prospects in the future.

TEFL/TESOL Job Opportunities Outlined For Each Continent


Asia provides an amazing variety of experiences and prospects for all trained TEFL/TESOL teachers. There is a huge requirement for qualified native English language teachers in many Asian countries. The salary you can expect for teaching English in Asia is rated as one the highest in the world as Asia is a strong marketplace for teachers.

The qualifications required for teaching jobs in each individual country does vary considerably. In addition to a university or college degree, a 4-week teaching instruction certificate is required by most developed countries including Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Although countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and China usually offer a lower salary than some of the more developed countries, they often make up for this with the culture and lifestyle they offer.

Latin America

Central America and South America provide a huge diversity of teaching positions. The combination of the Latin appeal and the variety of culture creates an appealing destination for teachers. Generally, owing to the low living costs, salaries in this region are favourable. The majority of schools in this area do not have the funds to internationally publicise available positions so the majority of employing is done from within the countries themselves.

North America

Demand is high for English teachers in the USA. Unlike many countries, where it is common to teach at language schools and in business settings, in North America the emphasis is on Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). ESL courses are run at practically all colleges and universities throughout the main cities of North America, as well as at a range of charitable and governmental organisations.

Eastern Europe

In many areas of Central and Eastern Europe the change in the market economy has produced an increase in demand for teachers of the English language, mainly in the area of business. In nearly all Eastern European countries English teaching positions are available to both EU and non-EU citizens.

To see which countries have job opportunities available, please see the Teaching English Abroad section on our website.

Western Europe

Many teachers who are wary of culture changes choose Europe for their teaching positions as it provides attractive pay and good working conditions. However, when teaching in Europe, working conditions and salaries can vary greatly between countries. Being an EU state citizen will indeed make it easier for you to find a teaching post, however, it is not always an issue if you are not an EU citizen. For many years now, thousands of non-EU citizens have been enjoying teaching positions all over Europe.

Further details of countries in which there is a huge demand for EFL teachers are given in the Teaching English Abroad section of this web site.