Teach English in Minzhu Zhen - Chongqing

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What I have personally gained from this course; 1. I learnt what needs to be done to be a good teacher. 2. I learnt that student has different needs and learning capability. 3. I gained a better method to learn and teach grammar. 4. I gained the step by step method to create a lesson plan especially the ESA. 5. I learned about classroom management. How I plan to put into action what I have learned: 1. I plan to build a relationship with my students and practice the good qualities on a good teacher. I will learn more about each student as if they are my friend. 2. Using the assessment test, I will be able to understand the strength and weakness of each student and guide them according to their learning capability. 3. Just like the part of the speech, I will break up the lessons into smaller and easy digestible parts for the students to learn. Example Present Simple Form Affirmative: (subject + base form [+s/es]) a. I work b. We work c. He works 4. For every lesson that I will conduct whether it is elementary or higher intermediate, I will create the lesson plan to guide me in my lesson and also help me to keep track of what had been taught. At the same time it also helps any teacher who is covering or taking over me. 5. Based on the size of the class, the layout of the classroom, the level of the students, I will design the classroom and equipment arrangement accordingly. So that I will have maximum interaction space with the students during ESA.