Teach English in LianshAn Linchang - Qingyuan Shi

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Teaching is a craft that needs to be practiced and entails the full attention of the teacher for the present moment. The first lesson was very teacher-centered and had a condescending feel towards the students. This is due to the teacher's excessive repetition of the word easy. The grammar lesson was also poorly introduced as it was mentioned out of nowhere. There was also no form evaluation (constructive or cumulative) given by the teacher. On the contrary the second lesson was effective. It followed mostly all the variables that a good language lesson has mentioned: the teacher was well-prepared (as seen in the visual props for vocabulary), he established rapport and an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, he used ESA and connected each phase effectively, he gave feedback to the students, and he allowed for creativity to take place in the activate part. Although a teacher is in control of the lesson, it must always be clear that a class should be a two-way relationship. Not everything that a teacher knows is expected from the student, and the teacher must always have this assumption in the beginning of class. To some extent, the students may know what you are talking about and it is good that you can explain or follow up further if they do, otherwise if they don't, a teacher must be prepared, to the best of his ability, make the student know and understand using prior knowledge (schema) and prompts. It is important that a teacher establishes a relationship with the students and show unconditional and genuine concern. A good lesson or class goes beyond the lesson, but is well internalized if the class dynamic and the social reception of the context, lexicon and function of the lesson is present.