Teach English in Qingyuan Shi

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Teach English in Bijia Linchang, Qingyuan Shi
The first unit of this program has taught me that a good teacher should be knowledgeable about the subject matter, be lively and entertaining during class, be consistent in providing correction and support, truly enjoy teaching, and should care about her/his students' progress in learning English
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Teach English in Dadong Zhen, Qingyuan Shi
Beginners are sub-categorized as Absolute beginners - no English at all False beginner - students may have studied or exposed to English previously but have not retained much Adult beginner - the highly motivated learners Young beginner - lacks of motivation but tends to pick up language faster than their adult equivalents Beginner without Roman alphabet - such students require a lot of initial work on basic literacy skills with lots of reading and writing practice is necessary
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Teach English in Dalang Zhen, Qingyuan Shi
The final unit summarizes various points that have been talked about in previous units, what teachers must keep in mind when they are teaching English to students who are not native English speakers
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Teach English in DamaishAn Zhen, Qingyuan Shi
Unit five laid out the necessities, complications, and logistics to managing the classroom and maintaining a positive balance between Teach Talk Time and Student Talk Time, and it established how these two elements can be effective in making the learning experience interesting and relaxing
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Teach English in Dazhan Zhen, Qingyuan Shi
In this unit, I learned about different teaching aids and resources that can be employed in an ESL classroom to supplement lesson plans and get the students active and engaged in all aspects of the lesson
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Teach English in Dongpo Zhen, Qingyuan Shi
Unit 19 provides an overview of the different groups teachers may need to teach, beginning with the different beginner groups and provides new teachers with tips on how to teach various groups
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Teach English in GAogang Zhen, Qingyuan Shi
Unit 5- ?Classroom Management?, talks about the importance and the right ways to achieve the proper atmosphere in the class room so the teacher can do his/ her job right and the students can learn and maintain motivation to keep learning
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Teach English in Hengshitang Zhen, Qingyuan Shi
I found that unit 17 provides a very complete set of teaching equipment and teaching aids that can be used by teachers to make EFL lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on only textbooks
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