Teach English in Hengshishui Zhen - Qingyuan Shi

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The first part of this unit discusses first lessons. This class should focus on establishing rapport and getting to know the students, their language levels, and their goals and interests. The next section discusses warmers that get students motivated and to use English. It is especially helpful to link these warmer activities to the Study phase. However, this is not absolutely necessary. Next, the unit discusses different levels. It is very probable that students will be at different language levels. This section gives suggestions of how to deal with different levels, such as using different materials, using the same materials with different tasks, doing nothing and letting them \"find [their] own levels within the class,\" and pairing the stronger with the weaker students. The next section discusses techniques to use within larger classroom sizes. A couple of these involve choral repetition exercises and appointing \"group leaders\" in the class. Teachers also need to encourage students to use English as much as possible and discourage use of their L1 when possible. Even if you (the teacher) know their L1, try not to use it or let them know that you do. I used to have a German teacher that would say \"Ich verstehe nur Deutsch\" (I only understand German) whenever we would ask questions in English, which would prompt us to at least attempt in German. He would then help us ask our question if he saw us struggle too much, but would do so in German. Going back to the unit, the next section discussed reluctant students and techniques to encourage their participation. The final section discusses difficulties with listening texts. Use clear material of good quality and make sure that volume or device is not the issue.