Teach English in TAngshAn Jiedao [incl. Quandou Jiedao] - Tongren Shi

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This unit covers parts of speech in simple sentence structures. It discusses nouns, used to describe people, places, things and ideas; pronouns, used to replace specific nouns; adjectives, used to describe or compare nouns; verbs, used to describe actions or states of being; adverbs, used to describe adjectives or verbs; articles, used to indicate relationship to or exclusion from a group; prepositions, used to show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word in the sentence; and conjunctions, used to link member or a group or clauses in a sentence. The chapter also went into more specific types within each of these general categories. Until reading this chapter, I never knew that there was a general guideline for arranging multiple adjectives and adverbs to avoid awkward sounding sentences.