We appreciate that our classroom based certificate course involves a high level of commitment, effort and expense from our trainees. We aspire to match that level of commitment by providing you with a high quality course, as well as ongoing support throughout your teaching career.

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The key aspects of the ITTT classroom based TEFL/tesol course include:

  • Examination, certification and accreditation fees are included.
  • A globally recognised TEFL/tesol certificate on successful completion of your course.
  • A minimum of 140 hours of study.
  • Our course emphasises the importance of practical learning (6-10 hours of monitored teaching practice with groups and individuals).
  • Our teaching practice program covers all different levels of English language learners.
  • We offer an extensive variety of published teaching information as well as first class course information.
  • Our program tutors are experienced teaching instructors with international qualifications.
  • Our courses are available every month in over 30 international locations.
  • We offer an airport meet and transfer service at many of our destinations.
  • At all our course destinations we offer appropriate and reasonably priced accommodation.
  • We provide a welcome reception, meal and various outings.
  • Access to computers and internet.


At ITTT we aspire to cover every situation, however, this is not always possible. features of our courses are regularly updated and amended to enable us to provide the best service possible. We value any comments or suggestions that can help us to improve our classroom based certificate course.