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Our 4-week, in-class TEFL/TESOL course is located in Brittany
Our training center in Brittany enjoys an idyllic location in the peaceful surroundings of Northern France. Here you can experience a real slice of authentic French life! More info
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TEFL TESOL Courses in Brittany

Enrol on our tefl/tesol course in Brittany and learn how to teach the English language in a beautiful and characteristically french village in north-west france. Our course location in Brittany, called Plelauff, is a captivating and appealing village located in the stunning countryside of the Cotes-d’Armor region.

Although this course is situated in a small village, the surrounding areas have all the amenities and facilities you will need during your stay with us. In your free time, why not take the opportunity to explore the surrounding area which is filled with typically French hamlets.

TEFL/tesol France – Brittany

If you decide to study our course in Brittany, you will have the chance to enjoy a wide variety of activities. The stunning village of Plelauff has several restaurants and bars for you to spend time mixing with the welcoming local people. You will also find the cuisine in the area outstanding.

There are many summer activities to enjoy. Lake Guerledan is popular for water skiing, pedalos and jet skiing and away from the water there is also a small golf course. Plelauff is also situated near the beach so you can spend time sun bathing or taking a stroll. Another popular activity in the region is cycling. You can explore the area on two wheels at your own pace. Cycling is a pleasant option in this part of France as you will find only a few real hills.

Other activities to enjoy in the area include fishing, ten pin bowling, horse riding and a local cinema. Paris is also an option for weekend visits which our training centre can help arrange for you.

Brittany – Climate

The region of Brittany, situated in north-west France, juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by water on three sides. Rainfall in this region does occur frequently, but not too often to make it unpleasant and the climate is generally quite warm. The rainfall is actually an advantage because it helps to keep the region lush and green throughout the year. You can also frequently experience cloudless, sunny days giving a balanced climate to enjoy.

Temperatures in the summer can reach 87?F (30?C) and can fall in the winter to about 40?F (5?C to 10?C). Snowfalls are rare in this part of France.

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The School

Our TEFL/TESOL training course in northern France is situated in a small, enchanting village in the Cotes-d’Armor region of Brittany. Our courses are held in a centre devoted to leisure, entertainment and academic activities. Our training courses here are available throughout the year.

Our administration department and training centre are located in the heart of the complex. The centre also has a TV lounge area which is ideal for relaxing and getting to know your fellow students. Also on the complex is a riding school where, for an additional charge, you can arrange riding lessons. The village of Plelauff is located less than one kilometre away from the training centre.


We can provide accommodation in a charming country house located in nearby Silfiac which can accommodate up to six guests. The English speaking owner kindly offers daily transport to and from the training centre for free. The house has wireless internet available and the cost is as follows:

  • 325 euro for a double bedroom (there are 3 available), plus an additional 15 euro in winter for heating costs.
  • 305 euro for a single room (one available), plus an additional 15 euro in winter for heating costs.
  • 250 euro per person for a top floor flat (if two share), plus an additional 15 euro in winter for heating costs, or 400 euro for a single occupant, plus an additional 15 euro in winter for heating costs.

We also have basic level accommodation available at our training centre which needs to be booked prior to arrival. A single room on-site will cost 250 euro, which includes shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. A shared room costs 200 euro (prices are for the duration of your course).

Another option, at a cost of 400 euro for one occupant or 600 euro for 2 sharing is our two bedroom country cottage with wireless internet connection. There is an additional cost for any gas used during your stay. Transportation to and from the cottage is provided by our training centre staff.

You can find a number of other local accommodation options which on average cost around 300 euro, however, most do not offer wireless internet. Generally, our course accommodation is available from the evening of the Saturday prior to the first day of your course until the Saturday after the final day of your course.

Course dates

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Course fees


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Please check out our other course locations if you wish to attend a course before this one becomes available...

Accomodation Fees

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