TEFL TESOL Materials

All classroom based TEFL/TESOL students are supplied with a course manual for the following components of the course:

  • Grammar and Language Awareness
  • Classroom Organisation
  • Phonetics
  • Teaching Skills
  • Methodology and Theory

Our first class course materials are the foundation for the input lessons for the duration of the course. This course material will also become beneficial as a reference resource in your future teaching career.

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Course guides and materials are supplied, as well as an A4 folder to be organised as per the guidelines below:

TEFL/TESOL Course Folder

  • Class Observation Log
  • Unfamiliar Language Log
  • Lesson plans for teaching practice sessions, materials and appraisal

This course log creates a progress record which develops throughout the course. It needs to be kept in a neat and orderly fashion and will be checked weekly for moderation reasons.

Personal Notes File

Many handouts will be given throughout the course input lessons, but you can also take your own notes. We advise separating your file using the following titles:

  • Timetables
  • Teaching Skills
  • Classroom Management
  • Phonology
  • Grammar

Recommended Reading List:

The following books are ones which we advise you to at least be familiar with; however, it would be beneficial if you have your own copy. These books will be invaluable to you during the course and throughout your teaching career.


English Grammar in Use, R Murphy, Cambridge University Press


The Practice of English Language Teaching, J Harmer