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TEFL TESOL Courses in Beijing

Known as the cultural centre of China, Beijing is a fabulous city famous for its extensive history, fantastic food and welcoming people. Studying your tefl/tesol course in Beijing provides you with the chance to experience everything this rapidly growing and stimulating city has to offer, particularly as our training centre is conveniently situated in the Xi Zhi Men downtown area, not far from Tiananmen Square.

TEFL/tesol Beijing

Beijing is full of history and culture and is one of a small number of cities in China that has managed to preserve a large number of its cultural relics. You will begin to understand the appeal of Beijing when you combine its culture, cuisine and history. By day, this city has so many cultural attractions for visitors to encounter; by night Beijing is abundant with wonder and adventure, offering a wide range of attractions from martial arts displays and the Beijing Opera, to dance venues, concerts, pubs and clubs. This city has something for everyone. Beijing also has sociable, inquisitive and accommodating people who will make you feel so welcome here, this city is definitely a great destination for TEFL/TESOL Courses in China.

Covering 160 kilometers east to west and 180 kilometers north to south, Beijing is certainly a large city, with 14 districts and an estimated population of over 20 million inhabitants. The city is a major centre of finance, trade and industry, as well as being the centre of culture, international exchange and politics. Beijing is also world famous for hosting the highly successful 2008 Olympic Games.

There are many English teaching positions available in Beijing and all over China if you wish to teach here after completing your TEFL/TESOL course.

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The School

Located in the Xi Zhi Men downtown area, the ITTT School in Beijing is situated close to the financial district and Tiananmen Square. The centre provides all the materials you will need to successfully complete the course and is well equipped with large classrooms, computers and internet access which provide you with a comfortable and professional learning environment.

Just a 30 minute taxi ride from our Beijing school you will find the Sanlitun area of the city which is a great place to socialize and meet new people. Mandarin lessons can also be arranged if requested, either in small classes or by individual tuition. You will find these classes professionally run and reasonably priced.

With so many teaching jobs available in China, Beijing is a perfect destination for studying a TEFL/TESOL course.


We have two recommended choices for accommodation available to you for the duration of your TEFL/TESOL course in Beijing. You will find all the accommodation offered is comfortable, clean and well equipped.

The Beijing City Central Hostel is our recommended budget accommodation choice. There are a number of other hostels available, however, our recommended choice has a good reputation and is only around 30 minutes from the school by subway.

Room rates are as follows:

  • Single room with shared bathroom: 128 RMB/night (two beds in one room and we will try to arrange another student who is also taking the course to stay in the same room with you).
  • One room with 4/6 beds: 60 RMB/night.
  • Standard room: 288 RMB/night (less than 7 days); 240 RMB/night (7 days and longer).

Our second accommodation option offers more in the way of comfort and privacy. The Beijing Mayson Serviced Apartments offer apartments for around US$ 1,000 per month and include amenities such as Wi-Fi, fridge, washing machine, air-conditioning/heating, microwave, hot water and 24-hour security.

Course dates

Coming soon...

Please check out our other course locations if you wish to attend a course before this one becomes available...

Course fees

The total price is divided into: deposit and balance.

The deposit may be paid via a) credit card b) Paypal c) wire transfer d) Western Union.

The balance of the course fee must be paid by cash, PayPal or bank transfer directly to the training center on the first day of the course.


US$ 600
to be paid in advance
US$ 1090
to be paid on arrival

Accomodation Fees

The accommodation fees are not part of the course price and you are free to choose whichever accommodation option you prefer.

If you choose to use our accommodation, it should be paid for either by cash, PayPal or bank transfer directly to the school at the start of the course.

Full Course
US$ 330
(to be paid on arrival)
4 weeks in-class course in Beijing
special price on offer from
$ 1690
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my payment options?


    Course deposits must be paid to our administrative center. Credit/debit card payments are the fastest and cheapest way to pay, but we also accept payments via Western Union, Pay Pal and bank transfer. While there are no deadlines for a deposit, courses can fill up quickly and your seat will only be reserved after the deposit has been paid.

    Once you make your deposit, you will receive an email with an informational packet that provides detailed information about the course and Beijing itself.

    The balance of course fees are payable on the first day of class and can be made with a credit/debit card, cash or travelers’ check.

    Course fees are all-inclusive so you won’t be asked to pay additional costs for course related materials or services. This also includes course moderation and accreditation fees, airport pick-ups* and lifetime job assistance.

    * If you arrive anytime on Saturday or Sunday prior to the start of the course an airport transfer will be arranged to meet you at the airport. Those not arriving on these days will be responsible for their own transportation. We will provide detailed directions to the centre.

  • What are my accommodation options?


    Located 30 minutes away from the center, our official course hostel accommodation is a popular choice. We have four different room options at varying costs and all can be booked in advance of starting the course.

    If you would prefer a little more comfort and privacy then we can also offer you the choice of staying in a serviced apartment. Rates are about US$ 1,000 for one month and include Wi-Fi, fridge, washing machine, air-conditioning/heating, microwave oven, 24-hour hot water and 24-hour security.

  • What travel documents will I need for china?


    This information is specific to your country of origin but most people will need a tourist (L) visa for attending this course. For the most accurate and current information regarding travel documents for China, please contact your nearest Chinese consulate. There is also a very good chance that all the information you require (application documents, application fees, duration of processing documents), is available on the consulate’s webpage.

  • What is the course schedule?


    The first class and general orientation will take place on Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. The full course schedule will also be provided at this time. Sessions generally run between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. with appropriate breaks throughout the day. In the morning the students will learn methodology and teaching techniques, while in the afternoon there will be teaching practice and feedback sessions.

  • What can I expect during teaching practice?


    We use local Chinese students for the trainees’ teaching practice. Chinese students are very keen and enthusiastic and because we don’t charge them to attend, all students come to classes purely because they want to.

    Lessons are based upon real teaching resources found all over the world and you will have the chance to create your own materials as well. You will also receive the aid of your course trainer throughout lesson planning and receive immediate feedback on your lesson after it’s been delivered. Practicum is assessed and a satisfactory assessment is required to earn your TEFL/TESOL certificate.

  • Who usually attends the course?


    The majority of trainees are British or American, while many others come from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, South Africa and the Philippines. Occasionally, we do get fluent non-native English speakers from Western Europe, Scandinavia, India, China, Thailand, etc. Trainees must be 18 years of age or older and the age range varies greatly depending on the course.

  • Is there a dress code?


    For all input and tutorial sessions at the training location, there is only one specific dress requirement: Both men and women should have a shirt covering their shoulders. The course operates from within a school so we ask you to be mindful of this, as well as being mindful of your peers and to respect the fact that you are a visitor in another country.

    During teaching practice there are specific requirements that adhere to the local dress code. All trainees are expected to dress professionally according to the following guidelines:

    Women: Shoulders should be covered, blouses with sleeves are suggested. No low-cut necklines, very short skirts or bare midriffs. Open-toed shoes are acceptable, but not hiking or flip-flop sandals.

    Men: Long pants, slacks or trousers are required, jeans are not acceptable. Short or long-sleeved shirts with a collar are necessary, although a tie is not required. Loafers or dress shoes are both fine, sandals are not acceptable. Long hair should always be tied back.

  • What should I bring for course studies?


    Please be sure to arrive on the first day of the course with a notebook and a pen. We also encourage you to bring a laptop as we have Wi-Fi at the training center. We will provide all course materials for you so there is no need to bring anything else for the course itself.

  • How will this course help me get a job after my training?


    Beijing is the only course in our system that guarantees job placement. We can do this in Beijing because the demand for teachers in China is so high and we have so many great contacts coming to us looking to hire our newly certified teachers.