Teach English in Baise Shi — Bose

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Teach English in Ande Zhen, Baise Shi — Bose
In this unit I learnt about the present tenses, in every specific part I studied some formulas for affirmative, negative and question forms, also I read some usages of this tenses, where usually students have problem; some tips with the contractions and the inflections of the verbs when are associated with the simple or plural person
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Teach English in Baicheng Jiedao, Baise Shi — Bose
This unit covered the receptive language skills of reading and listening and addressed more particularly some ways of getting at building students' reading and listening comprehension with the target language
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Teach English in Bainan XiAng, Baise Shi — Bose
Unit three is a great unit for those who have never been in teaching before, this is due to the fact that the lesson goes over a lot of different methodologies and different examples to help learners of this course and beginner teachers different ways to approach teaching students
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Teach English in Debaolǚye, Baise Shi — Bose
Many types of equipment, both high tech and low tech, can be put to use in the language classroom to make lessons more interesting, more effective, and to help teachers to be less dependent on published textbooks
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Teach English in Dongjing Zhen, Baise Shi — Bose
As a current Assistant Language Teacher in Japan without formal training in TEFL, I think that this unit taught me how to formally describe my work in the classroom, how to categorize my students by their English abilities, and how to examine teacher student relationships
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