Teach English in BAda Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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This unit was about teaching different groups.We have covered five groups. 1) beginners- with different categories from absolute beginners to those with no Roman alphabet background. It is important to control your language and make use of visuals, be patient and support their needs.2) getting ever so popular is the teaching of Individuals with no mixed levels but you have to be part of most of the activities.These lessons must be varied to and interesting otherwise learner becomes bored.3) Teaching children or young learners can be very rewarding. It is very different to teach children to adults. They need a lot of repetition ,praise and fun.Unit covered in classroom, the lesson and discipline management. I personally have learned that I must not use their native language,which I so often do now I will correct this.Plus some don'ts to bear in mind.4) Business English/English for a Specific Purpose is just teaching general English and teachers should not teach their job but English.This can be one to one/in company group or in school group.Level analysis/needs analysis/planning the program/testing and evaluating very important.5) Multilingual( learners from various cultures)/monolingual teaching(one culture group). Monolingual class can help each other in their own L1 and have common difficulties.Multilingual class have only English in common so they NEED to use it more.