Teach English in Fengwu Zhen [Fengwu XiAng] - Baise Shi — Bose

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Pronunciation is the or one of the most difficult topic in English language for both teachers and students. Pronunciation will determine the ability to communicate effectively and get a message across. The issue with its difficulty is partly due to the lack of the teaching of it in the English educational system. To improve it, teachers use phonology which is the study of the physical characteristics of sounds. Intonation is the property that consists of the variation in volume and pitch in the whole sentence. Intonation has three patterns: rise and fall, fall and rise, and flat. Each pattern gives more information about the sentence and the intentions of the speaker (such as expecting an answer or conveying emotions). Stress relates to the emphasis put in a single word or syllable. In a sentence, the stress will be found in the words that convey the message. There are simple (yet not universal) rules that determine where the stress is. The International Phonemic Alphabet was established to give common sounds a symbol by which any person of any language would be able to pronounce a word by looking at the symbols. The articulation of the symbols is aided by the study of the place of articulation and manner of articulation. The teacher can guide the student along with several activities and visual prompts to teach proper pronunciation using all the elements discussed.