Teach English in Bangwei Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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Grammar, vocabulary and fucntions are essential in teaching a new langauge. Lessons are arranged in away to ensure that students understands what is being taught in a balanced and manageable way. Grammar and Vocabulary lessons typically uses a 'straight arrow' ESA approach, where as functions-based lessons commonly use 'patchwork' or 'boomerang' ESA structure. When introducing gramatical structures, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration such as the meaning, usage, how it is spoken/ written. Examples of techniques used for presenting and practising langugage structures inclusded discussion, promting stenece building and role play. On the other hand, vocabulary is very important to the students as it helps to develop their writing and speech abilities. Vocabulary teaching can be easy or difficult dependent on the similarity to the native language of the student as well as spelling and pronounciation. Therefore, selection of vocabulary should be considered when grammatical structures are taught. Techniques such as pictures, discussion realia, word searches and story building can be taken into consideration. In addition to vocabulary and grammar, lanaguage also consist of fucntions. Language functions consist of areas such as inviting, agreeing, suggesting etc. Also, the appropriacy of the language can also be considered in language function.