Teach English in Baise Shi — Bose

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Teach English in Huatong Zhen, Baise Shi — Bose
it goes without saying that the unit number ten is different from the others units as it contains two videos in the two videos there is one same lesson that being taught twice to the tai students , but it is clear the lesson was taught in a different way , in the first video , the lesson was not successful , the main reason of that was that the students were not given a clear explanation of the lesson point , it was hard for them to understand , so they confused and intimidated Also the teacher did a lot of errors in terms of teaching he was using concepts that are beyond the students level of comprehension However in the second video , the lesson was totally successful because of many reasons , first the engage phase effective in the second lesson , as well as he was using some techniques that helped the students to be effective , as he was using gestures and miming also the teacher was speaking more slowly and clearly in the second lesson
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Teach English in Jieting XiAng, Baise Shi — Bose
I think this unit is geared more toward teachers with no experience, anyone who?s spent time in the classroom knows most if not all the materials and equipment mentioned and has a basic working knowledge of how to operate them
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Teach English in JinzhongshAn XiAng, Baise Shi — Bose
Course books and teacher created materials are a topic that brings lots of emotions to staff meetings at the end of the school year when the currently used course book needs to be evaluated and the teachers need to decide if we keep it or if we prefer another one
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