Teach English in Guole XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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In order to be a successful teacher, it is crucial to combine different teaching roles promptly, according to the contents taught as well as activities. These roles include: instructor, facilitator, mentor, psychologist, counsellor, and a ?policeman?. When talking about learners of Business English, there are many types of clients. Some of the advantages of teaching adults include: higher maturity level, greater attention spans, higher level of motivation, etc. The teaching of Business English course requires us to cover the same skill areas as General English: - Listening (meetings, telephoning) - Reading (mails, faxes, memos, reports, business publications) - Speaking (messaging, telephoning, presenting) - Writing (reports, messages, presentations, etc.) Teaching methods include: - Grammar-translation (finding equivalents between the two languages) - Audio Lingualism (listen-repeat) - Silent way (trial-error) - Task-based (tasks, activities) - PPP (present, practice, produce) - ESA (engage, study, activate) ? it should always start with the engage stage and finish with the activate stage What I?ve most learnt from this Unit is teaching receptive and productive skills (Business English). I?ve found examples for teaching/learning skills very useful, e.g. reading skills through reports, technical documentation, business publications, etc.