Teach English in Baise Shi — Bose

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Teach English in LongsAng Zhen, Baise Shi — Bose
This unit explains how more difficult it is to learn a new language when you are surrounded by your own language and how it would be easier to be thrown into a culture when no one speaks your language, so it can be difficult
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Teach English in Napo Zhen, Baise Shi — Bose
In this unit I have learnt all about the English sound system, the International Phonetic Alphabet, intonation and stress and how to teach pronunciation to English learners
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Teach English in Puhe Miaozu XiAng, Baise Shi — Bose
After reading the content of Unit 8 on Future Tenses, I feel I now have a clearer picture of the different future tenses in the English language and when and how to use them, differentiate them and how to place them in a sentence or when expressing yourself in the future
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