Teach English in Mabeng Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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This unit covered Teaching and Learning in regard to Young Learners. First, This unit explained the main developmental theories in regard to young learners. Two of the developmental theories are Maturation, that you are preprogramed by biology to act in different ways, and Environmental, that your surroundings dictate your actions. Second, this unit explained the basic approach to acquiring a second language. Language is not learned by mastering the easy parts before moving on to the hard parts, it is learned through experiencing language first hand. Third, this unit explained that the learning environment will set the mood for the classroom. A row setup for a classroom is useful for testing and lecturing purposes but is not useful for group interaction. Fourth, this unit explained the process of Maturation. Although the ages 5-13 are all considered Young Learners, it is important to not treat them the same. For example, 5 year olds enjoy being expressive regardless of who is watching, however 13 year olds are much more sensitive to the other gender and are generally uncomfortable expressing themselves in front of a classroom. In conclusion, I have learned that it is important to not treat all young learners the same. I have also learned that even chair placement can effect the mood of a classroom, for instance, groups of tables can cause cliques to form.