Teach English in Debaolǚye - Baise Shi — Bose

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Many types of equipment, both high tech and low tech, can be put to use in the language classroom to make lessons more interesting, more effective, and to help teachers to be less dependent on published textbooks. Using a chalk board or a white board can help teachers relay essential information quickly to students, so long as the board is clean, legible, and easy for students to read. Interactive white boards are becoming more common in classrooms, but in considering using these, teachers should be sure to be familiar with them in advance, through training and practice, and have a backup plan in case of technology failure at the time of the lesson. Using an overhead projector has a number of advantages (can be prepped in advance, can model grammar, vocab, etc, teacher can face the students), and disadvantages (can be troublesome set up and classroom arrangement). Visual aids, worksheets, dictionaries, and audio and video technologies are excellent resources to use in the classroom to elicit feedback from students, to create authentic situations for communication, to stimulate discussion, and to increase listening comprehension. Using computers, including and especially online resources, has become commonplace in the English language classroom, with the influence of CALL and the proliferation of podcasts, video websites, and reference tools for teachers to use.