Teach English in Baicheng Jiedao - Baise Shi — Bose

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This unit covered the receptive language skills of reading and listening and addressed more particularly some ways of getting at building students' reading and listening comprehension with the target language. These two skills, in addition to the two productive skills of writing and speaking, constitute the core of language proficiency and the unit material was correct to suggest that these skills are developed in students through experience. In so far as the students' native language is concerned; the students have spent their entire lives learning and practicing the art of their language; the teacher's challenge is to not only attempt to recreate that experience to seed and grow within the students mastery of a new language, but also do so in a significantly expedited time frame. Referencing my personal study of Standard Chinese and the Simplified writing system; it took two years of nearly full time study in order to reach an arguably intermediate level of language skill. As a teacher of English, I can't necessarily expect my students to devote a similar amount of time to their studies; therefore, the challenge is made greater by a potential need to break down language concepts and introduce vocabulary in a way that is accessible and easy to digest allowing me to help my potential students build their language skills as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.