Teach English in Dongling Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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This unit laid out all the parts of speech and their most common usages. While I was familiar with the parts of speech before the lesson, I learned a few more specific ways to further break down the parts of speech. For example, I learned to differentiate between \"countable\" and \"uncountable\" nouns, terminology that I believe will be helpful for students just beginning to understand the parts of speech in English. This unit also helped me identify the many exceptions/customs in the English language that would be difficult to grapple with as a learner and as an educator. For example, I had not previously considered the common circumstances in which we use the definite article \"the\" habitually, such as the names of bodies of water (the Pacific Ocean, the Nile) or specific geographical areas (the Middle East, the Sahara). How challenging that sometimes we identify a noun specifically (the Yangtze) and sometimes do not (Lake Michigan)! I can see, as well, how challenging it will be to teach/learn the differences between types of pronouns. I learned terminology to help students determine a possessive pronoun as opposed to a possessive adjective. \"Possessive pronouns replace nouns, while possessive adjectives describe them.\" I look forward to learning more techniques and strategies for tackling the many exemptions and irregularities in a classroom setting.