Teach English in Baidu XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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This unit compared and contrasted two different videos of the same teacher teaching the same class. The first video showed an interested teacher that didn't appear to be interested in the lesson, showed irritation and an unwillingness to deviate from what he considered to be an 'easy concept' which he repeated over and over again. The teacher intimidated the students by talking to fast and using advanced terminology without clarifying with gestures or actions to ensure the students understood. The teacher also never elicited much from the class, instead of giving an example and asking the student to clarify, he simply asked 'do you understand' which doesn't provide any real feedback and isn't of much use. The send video showed the same teacher who talked clearly and a little slower, engaged with and formed some rapport with the class initially by telling them his name and then asking them for theirs. His demeanor remained positive even when giving feedback and correcting answers. He remained nonthreatening throughout the class and used pairing to make the class interact with one another more then just studying individually. The second viewing never had the teacher doing anything inappropriate such as being distant from the class or completely removing himself by reading a book. He kept the class lively with wittiness when appropriate and even sued self deprecating humor.