Teach English in Ding'An Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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This lesson basically talks about the receptive skills, which are reading and listening. It also talks about the motives and reasons of these two receptive skills. It has given me detail information regarding the receive skills, especially with regards to the spcialist skills invoves such as predictiv skills, hich basically preditcs the content of a reading material. The second one is the scaning where the reader basically looks for a particular infomation, furthermore the unit also talked about skimming which it the reader looks for general infomation from an articles, the unit also talked about searching for detail infomation where the reader wants to get every detail and finally the unit talked about deduction ofrom context which basically means o deduce the meaning of the text.These are very important as they give me a better undestaning of the skills invoved in reading and listening. The unit also talked about the problems or challenges that comes with listening and reading and how to ovecome the problems and one thing which it addressed was choosing the right topic that will motivate the students, also get the studnts inteested in the topic this way the techer wouldn't encounter much difficulties. And other solution is to provide a jigsaw reading and also jumbled up text which its said could be very helpful in over coming the challenges a teacher migh encounter