Teach English in BAdu Yaozu XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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The beginning of this unit talks about the five different conditionals, which are sentences containing if, when, and other similar expressions which refer to past, present, and future possibilities. These conditionals range from the zero conditional, which relates to things that are inarguable facts, all the way to the second, third, and mixed conditionals, which all deal with hypothetical scenarios. Not to mention, the first conditional, which also somewhat deals with hypothetical scenarios, but ones that are probable following a ?real situation?. This section also discusses some of the troubles students have with conditionals and how you can combat these troubles when teaching the material, such as splitting conditionals and having students match them up correctly or playing a game of ?What would happen if???. This unit also talked about the differences in reported and direct speech. I learned that in reported speech the question word stays the same but the form of the verb changes to positive. Another thing I took away from this section was the concept of backshifting. This is where things and events take a step backward, both in time and physical position, when transitioning from direct to reported speech. The section closed with some positive examples to teach all of this change to your students, with things from intermediaries to interviews.