Teach English in Dizhou Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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This unit provides what can we learn through this course, about the aim of learning, teaching English methods, and working as a teacher. For the aim of learning, we are going to study to be able to develop the class using the knowledge of teaching with a careful decision and consideration. With that, we will achieve the mission for this lesson. To obtain the method of teaching English, we are going to learn of what consideration and knowledge do we need to know when it comes to create a class by the age and level of language skills. Through that, we are going to be able to develop a class with a proper way based on the theory. About working as a teacher, we learnt about the working hours and payment as an English teacher and that condition is differ in each countries. Throughout, we could know what is the basic rule for working, also we can considerate what do we want and to be able to choose by their condition. From the aim of learning, I'm glad that I would be able to be used to think analytically and teach based on studies without being unsure about teaching anymore. From teaching English methods, I wouldn't need to take time to search and think all the way from the beginning to teach and it would be a big help for me to create a class. From knowing about working as a teacher, I'm able to think and overview about my future career with a right information.