Teach English in BAtou XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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In the first lesson it is important to establish rapport and set the tone for the rest of the term. Find out about the students and also let the students find things out about the teacher. An activity to do that is appealing to me is a pass the ball game because it is interactive and no individual time is needed. Everyone gets all the information about everyone. I found the part on what to do with different in language level within a class helpful. Several ideas have been given and it gives me something to work with in how to handle level differences. An option is to use different materials, different task. The idea of having extra exercises at hand for students who finish early is something I hadn't thought of yet, I'm glad I know about this option. Also pairing stronger students with weaker students seems a good strategey to me. This way they both adjust their pace and ideally the whole class would be going about the same pace and it's good language practice for both the strong and the weak student. Avoid the use of the native language as much as possible. Ways to do this are: not giving to much time for group work so students don't finish early and chat in their mother tongue and explain at the level of the students so they understand the instructions in English. Also only responding in English is a good technique, this way the students are forced to use English.