Teach English in Baihe XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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Receptive language refers to responding appropriately to another person's spoken language. Most curricula dedicate a proportion of early intervention to developing receptive language skills. The specific terms used to refer to the receptive language programs and the recommendations for teaching such skills vary considerably across the early intervention curricula.Young children quickly learn to respond to the spoken language of other people (i.e., receptive language) as they begin to orient to their own name and familiar voices, follow simple instructions, and identify a wide range of stimuli and events in their environment.Motivation and selection of topics to be taught also has a part to play,creating interest in the topic and its task of accomplishment should be some focus.Encourage the students to be engaged in the lesson by selecting a suitable and interesting topic.On the part of comparisons,if possible to have all the appropriate materials or cards for the class,that will be awesome.Different forms of dressing for different races and where they are or dressing based on race,culture and fashion.Sometimes,dressing is like a form of instruction like in a game or job where all are required to be uniformly dressed,like police officers or tennis players just to name a few.Sometimes,in life,positive and encouraging comparisons are nice which can enhance a change in life.