Teach English in BAgui Yaozu XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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In unit 2 I was introduced to the four major ?camps? of learning and developmental theories. I was made aware of the difference between native language acquisition and 2nd language learning as well as some of the research findings on the topic which indicates how L2 learning can draw on the learning experiences of L1. While studying this unit, it became clear to me how the approach of teaching group 1 of young learners (5-9 year old) differ from the method of teaching group 2 students (9-13 year olds) due to their different stages of maturation, their likes and dislikes. A methodology for group 1 students was shortly outlined and I was then reintroduced to the ESA method appropriate for teaching group 2 students. I was also made aware of the need to organize the learning environment, the physical surroundings and the classroom atmosphere, with the goal of promoting interaction and to facilitate learning. Further, two charts were presented that show which receptive and productive skills the students of the two groups should produce at various levels. Unit 2 was very useful as it provided me with an understanding of how different stages of a child?s development can influence the approach of teaching. I realized how learning a native tongue and learning other language can differ from each other and how the method of the first could greatly benefit the second.