Teach English in Bainan XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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Unit three is a great unit for those who have never been in teaching before, this is due to the fact that the lesson goes over a lot of different methodologies and different examples to help learners of this course and beginner teachers different ways to approach teaching students. The unit gives a detailed breakdown of how to engage students with various activities, and different examples of how to include activities for the study and activate phases as well. It is imperative to understand that each and every single student will be at different stages of learning, and the different methodologies which should be used in dealing with each stage. By using these methodologies as a guide, the teacher should be able to analyse and understand which method of teaching should be used. For beginners of this course, this helps the teachers greatly as not everyone may have the teaching experience, this unit helps as it gives the teacher a basis on how to go about their teaching to their students. Its important to be able to understand this so that teaching becomes fun and not mundane for the students so that they absorb what is being taught. Overall it means that not only us as teachers benefit from the unit, but the students that we teach also benefit from being taught well, as we as teachers after completing this unit will use the correct methods to teach the students.