Teach English in Ande Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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In this unit I learnt about the present tenses, in every specific part I studied some formulas for affirmative, negative and question forms, also I read some usages of this tenses, where usually students have problem; some tips with the contractions and the inflections of the verbs when are associated with the simple or plural person. There were some ideas to implement this information on the ESA?s method. I found particularly difficulties on the formulation of questions, when to use the auxiliary verbs, the sense in the sentences, also was difficult for me to associate with the Wh- for open questions, after all I contacted to my tutor. The formulas were a very easy way to learn the rules, but maybe I would like to have more comparatives examples between all the tenses to see how it changes. There were many associated words to use with the formulas and distinguished their uses; the emphasis on using past participles was useful. I would like to have some extra material about usages of signal words, for example when making questions when, how and where in the sentences the following words determiners, ever, usually, frequently, often, never, etc. The videos always help to clarify, but I was expecting more analysis, for example how to formulate negative wh- open questions? After finishing the unit, I found it relatively simplified way for learning grammar, I enjoyed it.