Teach English in Baile XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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If I could only have three items from Unit 17, I would choose board, videos and online resources. I prefer board to overhead projector as it is a surface that is not bleached out by direct sunlight. The cost is lower and affordable. In order for board presentation to be effective, teachers have to pay more effort in planning board organisation and deciding color coordination. Dividing the board into sections and consistently changing the color of markers or chalks will desirably enhance enthusiastic delivery of lessons. On the other hand, board allows students to have a quick review on the lessons covered. If teachers involve the students by asking them to come out and write their ideas on board, this can greatly improve writing skills in students. Video is effective tool to increase students engagement and participation during class. Students are allowed to express and exchange their ideas and thoughts after each of the video session. They are provided with opportunities to improve their speaking skills and boost their confidence level. Furthermore, videos engage students in problem solving and investigate activities. For another thing, teachers should utilize online resources for the ease to gather loads of information. Teachers can easily harness any required materials with just one click on the mouse. This helps teachers to become less dependent on course book.