Teach English in Baisheng XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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I worked in an institution where I had almost no help for teaching or equipment. Therefore, when teaching something, he had to find ways to convey difficult ideas with few resources, for example drawing on the board, or writing letters or words on cards and showing them to the class. Sometimes I asked the students to draw the idea in the board and the others had to guess it, or for example, a student acted an idea and the other students used the language they were learning to describe the scene acted. Sometimes I could pass audios with my cell phone and for example sing songs in the new language or show photos. However, the information could not transmit as I wanted, I felt that I lacked tools and that makes my classes more difficult. Sometimes I felt that my classes were not as fun or attractive enough as they hoped it was. This lesson has given me many more ideas on how to convey the new information more attractively, people of all ages will be able to carry it out, in addition the images say more than many words. The more audiovisual tools we use the better tasting the class will have. It has helped me to see the importance of speaking less and let the students express themselves more, speak from stories, videos, images, games. And that is another way of making sure they have understood the information to the point that they can put it into practice and without fear.