Teach English in Du'An XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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unit:11 this unit is mostly concerned with teaching receptive skills and method used. there are four basic skills in any language :)the receptive skills are; reading and listening, and the productive skills are: speaking and writing. All these skills are important. However the unit focus on the receptive skills ?reading and listening?. There are two main reasons for reading and listening; Talking about reading and listening, this does not only have to do with our eyes or ears, but the abilities of our minds to understand each and every word in the right context in other to do so we need a wide comprehension in the following _predictive skills _specific information scanning _general idea _detailed information _deduction from context. However we may encounter some problems in the teaching and learning of receptive skills. listening and reading,such as LANGUAGE:the sentence length, word length and a number of unfamiliar words may present a problem to learners of English. I learned about how to teach successfully receptive skills to students in particular that of reading and listening. in other to do so you must first make the listening interesting by pre discussing the topic which must be an interesting one. you should equally explain the difficult words and words unfamiliar to them. you can also separate the class into groups and give them realistic tasks.