Teach English in Anning XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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Unit 19 teaches about the different group of students and how a teacher should approach needs of the particular group he/ she is teaching. Beginners fall in few categories, such as absolute beginners, false beginners, adult beginners, young beginners, and beginners without Roman alphabet. Each group of beginner learners has specific needs and different level of motivation. The chapter talk in details about them and give tips for teaching such groups. When teaching individual students, the needs of the student are usually better targeted and classes are designed for the particular student. This kind of lessons are less formal and the teacher assists in many of the learning activities during the class. Business English classes may be in companies or one- on -one. Ether way they are designed to help the students to learn some specific language and activities that are associated with the business world in general or certain industry. Teaching children can be very rewarding but very challenging at the same way. In order children to learn the discipline and the attitude of the teacher are extremely important. Children has to be spoken in English even if the teacher speaks their native language. The teaching instructor has to take in consideration the length of the activities and games, so the children don't lose interest and keep being stimulated to learn and not misbehave.