Teach English in Chaoli Yaozu XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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The final unit discussed problem points that didn't fit into previous units that new EFL teachers face. First lessons were discussed and the importance of building rapport and getting to know the students was stressed. It was said that the first lesson can set the tone for the rest of the course. If a teacher does well on the first day to make an effort to get to know the students as well as their needs and interests, it could go a long way in establishing a safe environment for the students where they would feel comfortable sharing. Warmers were also mentioned as a way to start a class and get them ready to use English. Teaching different levels was also touched on and while it was suggested there was no way to prevent this from happening as language is absorbed quicker by some students than others, it suggested different techniques for matching different needs for students. Perhaps the most relevant topic covered in this unit was the teaching of large classes. With large classes in the United States and abroad, it seems inevitable that a teacher might end up with a large class. While this may be out of the teacher's control, it was suggested that there could be ways a teacher could break up the class and make in manageable. Either through making students work in pairs and groups, assigning group leaders, and use of choral drilling could make a large class manageable.