Teach English in ChengxiAng Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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This unit teaches different themes that can be applied to a range situations. The first section is case studies. It explains the 8 steps we can apply to any communicative activity. The second section is the frameworking process. It shows the input ? process ? output process. It shows sample sentences and the right verb tenses to use for each process. The problem-based methodology is the third process. It shows some strategies you can use as a ?facilitator.? This section allows students to recognize the problems to be tackled. The fourth section is games. It gives examples of how games like Monopoly, Pictionary, etc. can be put into practice. It's a good tool to tackle vocabulary, sentence structure, sentence pattern, etc. The next process is Computer-Aided Language Learning or CALL. It can provide us with a big range of authentic materials, lesson planning outlines, opportunities for research topics, and for professional development. Speech Act Theory has a 4 level speech act model. This theory can use settings like ?making offers and requests, negotiating, and questioning? for practice. The final section shows lesson plans with materials using the ESA format. It shows examples of lesson plans for different levels. The teaching themes will definitely give a wide variety of teaching strategies to make lessons more interesting and creative.