Teach English in GAolong XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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Unit 14 discusses the use of authentic and created materials for teaching students, and their advantages and disadvantages. To this end, authentic materials are more interesting and motivating, students gain confidence, and the materials can be geared to the interests of a particular group of students. The advantage of using created materials is that the materials are designed by the teacher and can be graded to the level of the students, e.g., crosswords, role-play cards, flash cards, and picture stories. Unit 14 also discusses the use of a course book and its advantages and disadvantages. Accordingly, the advantages include, among others, (1) easier and less time consuming, provides a syllable graded to the level of students, provides a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary, and skill works, offers continuity and progression, it is tried and tested, and the teacher?s guide book may offer many good ideas for the inexperienced teachers. The disadvantages include, among others (1) may not always fit the needs and interests of all the students, students may dislike the book and not use it, it can make the teacher lazy and less creative, not tailored to a specific nationality, it may be outdated and unattractive to the students, and can prevent lessons from being students centered, and prevent teachers from analyzing particular problems germane to the class.