Teach English in Daleng XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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The questions in this unit are irking, with many being awkwardly or confusingly worded. For example use of \"least likely to reduce X\" rather than a clearer expression such as \"reduce X by the smallest amount\" or \"have the least effect on X\" or other expressions. Lack of clarity in the questions makes them harder to follow and thus causes more time to spent attempting to divine the meaning of the examiner than on actually answering the questions. Further to this, many of the options available for these questions are not contained in the body of the text. While they can be understood implicitly, some of them feel like they disregard certain qualities of TEFL classes, such as the cultural expectations of students. What may be rude to, say, a French student may be expected of, say, a Japanese student. Question 3 is improperly capitalised as well. The study text is written in British English (using \"s\") where the test in in American English (using \"z\"). Moving on to personal reflection, many of the topics and issues covered in this unit are things that I have learned by observing and copying the teachers I work with, with several deviations from the ITTT materials (due to cultural differences, school culture etc). That said, a codification of benefits and drawbacks for several aspects of classroom communication will, undoubtedly, prove useful in the future.