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Teach English in BAbao Yizu Miaozu XiAng, Bijie Shi
The first lesson was terrible! His repetitiveness, grumpiness, rushing manner, and predictability was cringe worthy - it confused the students, made them feel small and intimidated, and did not explain what he was talking about
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Teach English in Baiguo Jiedao, Bijie Shi
Unit 4 proved to be relatively challenging in distinguishing between present continuous and present continuous despite having a working knowledge of simple and continuous present tense forms
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Teach English in Baixing Zhen, Bijie Shi
In this unit I have learnt: 1) There are different categories ot the beginners A-the false eginner B-the absolute beginner C- the adult beginner D- the young beginner E- tbe beginner withour Roman alphabet
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Teach English in Biyang Jiedao [LiucAngqiao Jiedao; incl. Dexi Jiedao], Bijie Shi
The future tense is definitely one of the more confusing tenses in English, due not only to the fact that there are so many variations of future tense (and ways to express similar concepts with the different tenses) but also because there are many languages that do not distinguish between present and future tense
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Teach English in Cengtai Zhen, Bijie Shi
Teaching beginners - the are many categories of beginner learners of English; absolute beginners, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner and the beginner without roman alphabet
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Teach English in Changba Zhen, Bijie Shi
Unit 1 features the attributes of good teachers and learners, their roles, responsibilities as well as how these affect the relationship between them in a classroom
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