Teach English in Baini Zhen - Bijie Shi

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In this unit troubleshooting we learn about common problems and situations. First classes are important for the teacher to establish rapport with the students and set the tone for the rest of the course. It's important for the teacher to find out about the students, to plan future lessons on student interests and areas of difficulty. We learn that warmers are usually short and fun communicative activities designed to get student motivated like: hangman game, tongue twisters, memory games and etc. In a class there will usually be differences in English knowledge we can divide the class into groups of stronger students and weaker ones and give appropriate learning materials and task while dividing our attention between the groups equally. Dealing with large groups we can do pair or group work. To maximize student involvement we use worksheets with this each student will participate. In order to keep our lessons in English and keep the students from needing to use their native language we want to make sure the activities we use are at the appropriate level and that our explanations are clear to all students.