Teach English in Chadian Buyizu Miaozu Yizu XiAng - Bijie Shi

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Teaching receptive skills, namely reading and listening is equally important. The motives for reading and listening can be divided into two categories: 1) for purpose, and 2) for entertainment. There are several ways how we can read/listen: predicting the content from a headline, scanning for specific information, skimming for getting a general idea, reading/listening for detailed information, deduction from the context. In order to build students? confidence teacher should be careful when choosing topic ? they should be various, he/she should also pre-teach difficult vocabulary as well as carefully select texts (authentic, non-authentic texts). From this Unit, I have learnt that the teacher should take into consideration/include authentic and non-authentic text (according to the students? level of proficiency). In the early stages of language learning, non-authentic texts are more likely to be used simply because authentic texts are too difficult at that stage, whereas later, authentic texts should be gradually introduced. Again, teachers should be careful when selecting authentic texts.