Teach English in BAzhai Zhen - Bijie Shi

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In this unit I watched two videos depicting vastly different teaching styles. The teacher in the first video is impatient, unhappy and explains the points of the lesson very poorly. The students don't really understand the objective of the lesson and are left intimidated and confused and therefore unwilling to answer questions. This isn't helped by the teacher emphasis on \"how easy\" this exercise is and how anyone should be able to complete it, damaging the student's morale. In the second video the teacher is a lot more approachable to the students. He smiles and wants to learn their names at the beginning of the lesson and frequently calls them out in the lesson to engage them in the classroom; this ensures that all the students are involved in his lesson. The teacher begins with a simple exercise (Engage) to help the student's understand the concept of the lesson. He uses gestures and mimes a long with flashcards to help assist him in the classroom. The result is that the student's feel a lot more relaxed in the second video and show a much better understanding than the student's in the first video.