Teach English in Andi Zhen - Bijie Shi

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I thoroughly enjoyed this unit. After learning about many different theories of education, I learned about ESA and the different forms that it can take. I definitely plan to use patchwork ESA in my own future teaching. This allows me to draw students in with engaging activities, and then flexibly alternate between learning about different aspects of a language and putting them into practice. This shift between activities will help me to keep students focused and engaged, and will prevent me from spending too much time on the study section of the class. I believe that getting students involved and communicating fluently in the L2 is the most important part of a language class, and this will allow me to do just that. When previously correcting papers, I often wrote the correct form underneath of the mistake, which did not give the students the chance to think about the solution themselves. I will definitely use this writing code, and put my corrections in the margins for higher level students. I already use several of the listed warm up activities, but I learned about some new ones that I will definitely try.