Teach English in Bijie Shi

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Teach English in Shaopu Zhen, Bijie Shi
Past simple is used for past actions with a given time, when time is asked about, and when an action clearly took place at a definite time, but that time is not mentioned
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Teach English in ShuAnglong Zhen, Bijie Shi
Preparing a lesson plans creates a logical sequence of events for the lesson by providing an aid to planning, a working document that can be referred to throughout the lesson, as well as a record of the lesson in the event that the teacher is unable to teach that particular day and needs to call in a substitue teacher
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Teach English in ShuguAng Zhen, Bijie Shi
One of the things that I think would be helpful to learn and practice is adapting course material for the class and using it in a more ESA aligned structure
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Teach English in Shuiqing Zhen, Bijie Shi
In conclusion, through the comparison and contrast between the two videos, we find that teacher's attitude and teaching techniques have a profound effect on the lesson efficiency
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Teach English in Supo Zhen, Bijie Shi
It was interesting to watch both model lesson videos to see the contrast of teaching styles and the differences in student behavior in reaction to how the instructor taught the class
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Teach English in Tiankan Yizu XiAng, Bijie Shi
The first lesson should not include material from the course book, but is more of an opportunity to build rapport with students, get to know each other and for the teacher to assess needs
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