Teach English in Bijie Shi

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Teach English in Guiguo Zhen, Bijie Shi
Using course books has its share of benefits and advantages such as having a well organized content with a consistency in the topics and genres for the four skill area (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
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Teach English in GuoquAnyan Miaozu Yizu XiAng, Bijie Shi
In this unit, I learned that the term ?beginner? can refer to several different kinds of students; there is the absolute beginner, false beginner, adult beginner, young beginner, and the beginner without Roman alphabet
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Teach English in Huangnitang Zhen, Bijie Shi
This lesson covered some basics of student-teacher interaction in question of the teacher talk time versus student talk time, physical classroom setup, and arranging students in groups for group-work
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