Teach English in Bijie Shi

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Teach English in Yangjie Zhen, Bijie Shi
This unit is about pronunciation and phonology, the latter part is a rather difficult topic as it relates to concepts about the speech organ and the different ways of how different sounds are made
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Teach English in Yejiao XiAng, Bijie Shi
This unit deals with different aspects of classroom management (eye contact, gesture, grouping students, classroom arrangement, teacher/ student talking time, etc)
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Teach English in YemachuAn Zhen, Bijie Shi
Some EFL teachers may be in a context or culture where coursebooks are practically unavailable, so will have to 'invent their own wheel' or use pooled homespun resources if at least there are any of these at their centre
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Teach English in Yumo Zhen, Bijie Shi
If I were to mention which unit has gotten me thinking about certain teaching strategies before the end of the unit, it would be this one
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Teach English in Zhejue Zhen, Bijie Shi
There was quite a bit of information to digest! Unit 13 gave detailed instruction on intonation, pronunciation, word stress indicating subtle emphasis indicating true meaning behind just words , awareness of how words are joined together in the English language, the mechanics of how words are articulated within the mouth, and the international phonemic alphabet system used for pronunciation
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Teach English in Zhongping Zhen, Bijie Shi
This unit introduced the usages of testing and evaluation of student language skills and levels, to inform placement of students into groups, measure progress and retention of language points covered, to prepare students for external examinations, and to inform ongoing lesson planning to ensure that the materials used address areas where improvements are needed
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Teach English in ZhongshAn Zhen, Bijie Shi
From this unit which focuses on teaching special groups as EFL teacher, there are specialized groups such as the Beginner; Adult beginner, Absolute beginner, young beginner and the beginner without Roman Alphabet
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Teach English in Zhongzhai Zhen, Bijie Shi
A brief overview of the content of Unit 19 on Teaching Special Groups, I learned of the five typical different groups you will encounter when teaching English
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