Teach English in Yinei Zhen - Bijie Shi

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Through this unit, it gives a very clear explanation on how to become a good and successful teacher. To be a good and successful teacher, it has to combined all aspects. For example, a teacher who posseses good characteristic and attitude doesn't mean he/she is a good teacher. A teacher also need to be understanding and concerning especially towards the needs of the students. Therefore, it is mentioned in this unit that a teacher should know how to adjust himself/herself to play a different role in different of teaching situation. The students will receive motivation and encouragement when a teacher is able to adjust his/her role appropriately. Additionally, this unit also provides the factors to judge a good learner of English. These factors are able to let the teacher to define whether the students are a good learner through their observation during teaching. The relation between the teacher and learner is so much important when conducting a lesson where a good teacher who understand and take note on their students from all aspects will produce a good and successful students.