Teach English in Yankong Jiedao - Bijie Shi

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There are many type of teaching English methods,approaches and techniques. Which is the best or useful is not certain because all of them have negatives and positives. ESA method created by Jeremy Harmer is contains that students need to be encouraged,exposed the language and lets them to use it in the classroom. Elicitation is very important case in this method. Teacher involves the students in lesson by asking questions. In Engage part the teachers does not teach,he/she engages the students and gets them to think and speak English. In study part the teacher gives information,teaches the lesson and gives exercises and checks and corrects them if necessary. In activate part students use the language freely. Debates, communication games can be given as an example activities for students. Giving feedback helps the students improvement. It should be clear and audible so the students can correct their mistakes but the teachers should not give feedback straight away.If so the students do not think about the mistake and why it is false and likely to continue or repeat the mistake.