Teach English in Zhongping Zhen - Bijie Shi

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This unit introduced the usages of testing and evaluation of student language skills and levels, to inform placement of students into groups, measure progress and retention of language points covered, to prepare students for external examinations, and to inform ongoing lesson planning to ensure that the materials used address areas where improvements are needed. The unit described three general types of such evaluation: Tutorials, Evaluations by the students themselves, and a wide range of Tests. The types of tests described include tests administered at the start of the course to inform placement into classes (Placement Tests) and to gain an understanding of student language levels (Diagnostic Tests); tests administered throughout the course to measure retention of language points covered (Progress Tests); tests administered to help students prepare for external examinations (Practice Tests); and a broad range of external examinations that measure language proficiency at different levels for different purposes (such as academic admissions, business aptitude and life skills).